1. One submission of the on-line voting form is allowed per person, per annual awards. Voting more than once will render all of your votes invalid except as noted in condition (7). If you are unsure of certain categories, wait until you have finalised all your votes for all your desired categories before you vote. You are not allowed to vote more than once even if you vote in different categories each time. When you do vote, you can vote for as many or as few categories as you wish.
2. You must fill in the information requested on the voting form properly and honestly. In the event of an invalid or illegible or incomplete entry, your votes will become invalid.
3. You must fill in your personal details and contact details. Entries with missing or invalid details will become invalid. This information is used as specified in our privacy policy below.
4. Our decision on the integrity and validity of any vote is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
5. You may not vote for: a) Your own company b) Your own services c) Your own fireworks (if you are a manufacturer) OR if the firework is manufactured exclusively for your company d) Your own website e) Any other award with which you are commercially connected.
6. We reserve the right to disqualify any nominee in the event of abuse of the voting system. Our decision on this is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
7. When you submit your vote, we will confirm your votes to you by e-mail to the e-mail address that you enter. This e-mail contains a coded link unique to your vote. You must click on this link (or cut and paste it into a browser) and visit that page to verify your vote. By doing this, it proves to us that your e-mail address is genuine. You must do this within the time period specified in the e-mail, or your vote will become invalid. If your vote becomes invalid through expiry, you may NOT vote again. You will also have the option to CANCEL your vote for example if you have entered data incorrectly. You may only CANCEL a vote within the time period specified in the e-mail. If you cancel a vote in this manner, you MAY vote again - but please note that once you have confirmed your vote, you cannot then cancel it, and you cannot cancel a vote after the time period specified in the e-mail (after which time it becomes invalid). If you wish to cancel your vote and vote again, you must first cancel your vote as instructed in the e-mail and then vote again. Do not vote again before cancelling a vote or it will render both votes invalid.
8. Submission of the voting form is considered as acceptance of these terms and of our Privacy Policy shown below.

1. We do not allow anonymous voting. Your personal details are ONLY used to confirm the validity and integrity of your vote.
2. We will not use your details for any other purpose. We will not maintain any written or electronic mailing list during or after the awards close. We will not sell or transfer or share your details with any other organisation except as noted in condition (7).
3. We will contact you by e-mail to confirm your votes and to ask you to validate your vote. In such a case you must follow the instructions to validate your vote and complete the voting process. This is done to prevent bulk voting using fake e-mail addresses. We will also contact you by e-mail to confirm your vote has been validated, and (if applicable) to confirm your vote has been cancelled at your request, that your validation link has expired and so on. We may further contact you by e-mail, telephone or post to check your identity and therefore the validity of your vote. These are the ONLY circumstances in which we might contact you. Any contact we attempt to make with you is done so specifically to check the validity of your vote.
4. Please, as your details are not shared with anyone else, fill in the required details accurately and truthfully. Your votes will be invalid, otherwise.
5. We collect and log information about your use of this site. It is "industry standard" information collected and used in an "aggregate" form. For example, number of hits, pages visited, your browser type and so on. We may share this information in general form to publicise this site. We will never share information that may personally identify an individual except as noted in condition (7).
6. For our security and yours, we record the IP address of visitors and voters.
7. In the event of abuse of the website, abuse of the voting system or other activities which we consider detrimental to this site, we reserve the right to divulge information regarding your use of this site to your ISP and/or the relevant authorities.
8. Our website is hosted on a third party server and whilst all reasonable steps are taken to ensure site security, we are not responsible for the security of your personal information when you fill in the voting form, or when this data is transmitted to us.
9. Use of this site and use of the voting form is considered as acceptance of this privacy policy and our Voting Terms shown above.