Award Description: This award is for the commercial UK firework related website voted as BEST overall.
Eligibility: Any UK firework website providing it is for a commercial concern or bonafide business, for example, a firework shop, retailer, mail order company, professional display company, wholesaler or importer. The company must be involved in importing fireworks, selling fireworks (trade or public), professional firework displays or chargeable training.
Excluded from this category: Non-commercial websites including personal homepages. Safety pages or firework guides. Governmental or local authority websites. Firework societies, guilds, industry bodies or on-line magazines (including UKFR). Non-UK websites.
Voting help: This award concentrates JUST on the website itself, not the products or services, although their representation on the website will have a bearing on your vote. Think about which website impressed you the most. Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a good site. Some like quality content rather than quantity. Some like to see lots of high-tech presentation including flash and shockwave. Some like a very fast site, interactivity, on-line ordering, the list is probably endless. Consider your vote carefully and choose the firework website you consider to be the best on-line. We appreciate the number of people who vote for UKFR in this category, but we are excluded from taking part!