Award Description: Another extremely important award for the fireworks trade, the firework shop voted as BEST overall.
Eligibility: Any dedicated UK firework shop which sells garden and display ("shop good") fireworks to the general public. Mail order, on-line and seasonal retailers are eligible providing their main business is selling fireworks and they have a physical retail shop open to the general public for a minimum of the Guy Fawkes selling period.
Excluded from this category: Trade only retailers or clubs (eg. Makro) or any firework retailer who does not sell to the general public. Non-firework retailers who only stock fireworks seasonally as a sideline (eg. supermarkets, newsagents and garden centres). Non-UK retailers.
Voting help: Think about which firework shop gave you the best products, the best service (important), the best advice, the best after-sales care, the best value, the best shopping experience or any other criteria you consider important for your favourite shop. Ease of access, opening times, shop layout, parking, disabled access and point-of-sales impact might also figure in your decision. This award is just for shops - but if your favourite shop is also your favourite overall retailer, vote for them in that category too.