Award Description: This award is for the best UK event involving fireworks.
Eligibility: Any UK event involving fireworks that takes place this year. This includes commercial and non-commercial events, and any event where fireworks are used but not necessarily the main focus (eg. concerts or festivals). We will accept votes for annual events where the actual date is after the closing date for votes providing the event is a regular one. We will also accept votes for one-off events that took place up to twelve months prior to the closing date.
Excluded from this category: Trade only events and any event NOT open to the general public.
Voting help: With many exciting firework events such as the UK Championships in Plymouth, the Musical Championships in Southport and the Shugborough Festival, this will be a hard fought category. Think about the firework event that you enjoyed the most. Remember, local and community events are eligible for this award too. You should vote for the event that you would most recommend other firework enthusiasts to attend.