The UK Firework Awards were launched in September 2003 and allow the UK public to vote for their favourite fireworks, best fireworks retailer, best fireworks shop, top fireworks show and more.

The awards are published by the UK Firework Review (UKFR). The UKFR was established in 1999 with the aim of sharing useful information about fireworks with other enthusiasts, for example reviews of products, safety advice, features and so on. It has grown to become the UK's biggest fireworks website and yet remains impartial - the UKFR does not sell fireworks!

In previous years UKFR members have been suggesting a more formal "awards" or voting feature where their favourite fireworks can be recognised. We have developed this idea into the UK Firework Awards.

To emphasise the independence of the awards, we have decided to feature them on a separate site that is free from advertising from firework companies. To maximise the number of votes, and therefore to increase the usefulness of the results, we have also ensured that the Awards are free to access to anyone, and it is free to vote. You don't have to join the UKFR to vote!

YOUR vote counts, so make sure you vote this season for YOUR favourites. In doing so, you will help the best brands, the best fireworks and the best retailers raise their profile and receive due recognition for their efforts. This in turn will help other enthusiasts source the best fireworks from the best suppliers.

Enjoy the awards, take part, and VOTE!